This is my true and honest account of how I Desmond Last have been illegally treated by the Australian Bank the ANZ. I do not lie. I was an Australian Justice of the Peace. I do not have a

criminal record. I want Justice and I will get it.

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These people are the current and past Directors of the ANZ Bank , the NSW Police Commissioner at the time, the Mayor of Sydney and the previous and currrent NSW Premiers. Not one of them has intervened or ever contacted me.


"The ANZ have had every opportunity to remedy the illegal eviction. They have chosen not to do so. They are rude and abrupt in any attempt to engage them. At no time have they been able to prove that they contacted me to discuss any payment arrangements. They cannot produce evidence I was served with a legal notice to attend court because they have none. They must face the criminal consequences of their action. The ANZ have decided to ignore the truth. It is a decision which for the ANZ will have far-reaching consequences. I will win my court action against them.The ANZ has a Financial Services licence. The licence can be removed for deliberate criminal actions by a Bank".


Desmond Last Currently in the U.K . May 2017.

The ANZ Australian Bank evicted me from my 2 Homes.

Without any written notice.

Without any verbal notice.

Without any court notice.

I never knew I was going to be evicted.

I only owed $5000 default on my home.

& $7000 default on the investment property which was rented out.

I was never given the opportunity to settle the defaults.

My car alone was worth $20,000.

I could have sold it.

What the ANZ did to me is against the Law.

Not one Australian Journalist will report what has happened to me.

Not one member of any Political Party in Australia will intervene.

Not one Australian Civil Rights Lawyer will act on my behalf.

Malcolm Turnbull said 'there is nothing I can do'.



Why would I Desmond Last sit at home waiting to be evicted?

The House on the left is 23 Boundary St Darlington Sydney.

It was my home.

The second house on the right was at the time my investment property in Suffolk Park near Byron Bay NSW.

I had it rented out & it was paying the mortgage.


The ANZ sold my first home and with the proceeds paid off the loan on my home in Suffolk Park.

Which I now own outright.


The NSW Government Trustee took charge of my home in Suffolk Park because the ANZ said they could not find me.

I was with my Mother in the U.K.

The Trustee acknowledges I am the owner and corresponds with me.


The NSW Trustee has accepted my identity which has been verified by a U.K Solicitor.

The Trustee insists I have to go to the Supreme Court in Sydney to get the order lifted.

Total Alice in Wonderland.


They charge me $17,000 a year to administer the renting out of my home. I am in the U.K looking after my mum who is 87 and ill. I cannot return whilst I am looking after mum.